R4R :: Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency

Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency


R4R - Cefic

Boost competitiveness and business opportunities

Through its core methodology, R4R will highlight and identify the good practices from 6 European regions to accelerate innovation in resource and energy technologies. By addressing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from an economic, innovation, research and innovation and innovation policy perspective, R4R will boost business opportunities for regional SMEs by identifying and promoting successful innovation systems, mechanisms, processes and incentives.

Several ongoing SMEs initiatives at regional and European level involving key R4R partners will be selected for analysis, dissemination and integration in the regional Joint Action Plan. The successful and advanced initiatives identified with R4R will offer concrete efficient practices for chemical regions engaged in the project. In the long term, R4R will set a package of tools useful for SMEs to help them in identifying new business opportunities.

R4R will also open the floor to an international cooperation by connecting with relevant clusters outside Europe to ensure the development of a wide resource efficiency Community. Doing so, R4R will pave the way to improve and accelerate innovation and promote European eco-innovative technologies on global scope.

Breakthrough ambition

  • Reduce the dependency on fossil feedstock: a 10-fold increase in the use of bio renewable raw materials as feedstock by 2030.