R4R :: Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency

Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency


R4R - Cefic

Strong partnerships between business and academia

R4R will strengthen each regional cluster by improving their regional development and business plans and will support committed regional stakeholders to develop joint projects aligned with regional, national and European research’s agenda.

R4R proposed several projects that will foster EU competitiveness and resource efficiency:

  • Improve and increase the industrial and consumer use of bio-based products as substitutes forpetrochemical feedstock;
  • Convert waste plastics into fuels and/or secondary raw materials;
  • Enhance building materials derived from waste stream;
  • Development of new materials design for reuse at any domestic, industrial or municipal levels;
  • Integrated energy between separate chemical companies to ensure an efficient use of resources;
  • Cradle-to-cradle materials lifecycle design and management for sustainability

Beyond the projects, R4R will lead networking activities to create and develop a real sustainable community to build trust and joint objectives towards innovation in collaboration with academia, research centers, local policy makers and industries.

Breakthrough ambition

  • A 30% reduction in primary energy consumption from the current levels
    by 2030.