R4R :: Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency

Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency


R4R - Cefic


Why my region is involved in R4R?

  • Strong chemical industrial base with over 100 companies;
  • 5000 direct jobs;
  • Front-runner in eco-innovation integration into process industries on resource efficiency and waste treatment systems;
  • Pioneer in sustainable and industrial competitiveness.

Resource efficiency in practice in my region

  • Resilient support to companies in implementing eco-innovation measures through the promotion of business eco-innovation in Aragon;
  • Shares good practices and knowledge with relevant actors to ensure companies production system adaptation in accordance with resource efficiency imperatives;
  • Potential for chemical industry innovations to help Aragon in energy savings improvement;
  • Aims at reducing energy demands without decreasing supply comfort and safety;
  • Ensure energy integration of flows and processes both in power stations and in industrial and/or technological parks to improve resource efficiency.

Key benefits for Europe

  • Set up smooth innovation related policies at regional, national and EU level;
  • Gather and engage relevant actors at the regional level to foster key research and innovation developments on resource efficiency;
  • Wider resource efficiency scope and good practices to target growth and jobs in Europe through competitive chemical Industries.
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