R4R :: Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency

Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency


R4R - Cefic

West Pomerania

Why my region is involved in R4R?

  • Chemical and related industries play active role in the region’s economy;
  • Growing number of new innovative companies;
  • Large field of academic cooperation with business units.

Resource efficiency in practice in my region

  • Developing  the synergies within the projects involving business, administration and academia towards implementing innovative ways of utilizing renewable resources;
  • Introducing circular economy to develop best ways of waste sources re-use;
  • National Diversification of energy production towards lowering fossil-based fuels consumption;
  • Strong innovative academic centre for bioimmobilisation.

Key benefits for Europe

  • Development and implementation of innovative  bio-based economy solutions;
  • Shaping the legislation and planning towards renewable resources use;
  • Contributing to lower fossil resources consumption;
  • Improving chemical and agricultural industry competitiveness;
  • Improving the quality of waste management.
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Breakthrough ambition

  • Reduce the dependency on fossil feedstock: a 10-fold increase in the use of bio renewable raw materials as feedstock by 2030.