R4R :: Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency

Chemical Regions For Resource Efficiency


R4R - Cefic

Västra Götaland

Why my region is involved in R4R?

  • Strong synergies between academia, administration and industries;
  • Committed to increase competitiveness, new investments and sustainable growth;
  • Good regional practices on sustainable development and resource efficiency;
  • Targets a free-fossil economy by 2030.

Resource efficiency in practice in my region

  • Regional focus on four key areas: renewable feedstock, renewable chemicals and materials, renewable transportation fuels, resource and energy efficiency including recycling;
  • Key players in sustainable development with major initiatives i.e.: regional waste handling and recycling, delivering waste heat to local district heating systems, pilots of biomass gasification.

Key benefits for Europe

  • Contribute to a less energy fossil dependent Europe;
  • Develop solutions to map and implement energy savings that will benefit to Europe and companies;
  • Ensure the rightful conditions for new investments.
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